Unitised curtain wall elements installation

Lower construction costs
In comparison to built-up system, for which additional scaffolding costs need to be added, the installation of modular facade system is much simpler, less weather impact on installation process and consequently less expensive.
Reduced construction time
Unitised curtain walling systems are installed as a series of factory-assembled frames in fast track projects. Their principal benefits are speed of installation, reduced jobsite manpower needed for exterior facade installation.

Frameless glass facades installation

Glass is our passion, just as much as customer satisfaction and perfection when it comes to our installations. We specialize in the installation of frameless glass for those who want to view their world without constraints. Using advanced technology, materials and fittings the frameless glass system is master crafted with clean lines and superb finish.

Curtain Walls installation

Curtain wall can be formed from a stick system of site assembled framing members- mullions (vertical posts) and transoms (horizontal details). Glazing or infill panels are fixed into the framing grid by clamping them in to a glazing rebate. Panels may also be fitted as rainscreen, structural silicone glazing or bolted structural glazing.
Stick curtain walls are usually built from standard systems but they always have non-standard interfaces with adjacent elements (roof, structure, other wall elements). Stick curtain walls can be custom designed to include accessories such as innovative solar energy systems, brise-soleil.

Rainscreen cladding systems installation

Some advantages of installing a rainscreen cladding systems:
o easy installation which does not delay construction time of other cladding wall material;
o improves thermal insulation which reduces your energy consumption and lowers energy bills;
o adds a decorative feature to the exterior wall;
o ventilation cavity prevents condensation on the walls of the structure;
o its lightweight system adds only minimal loading weight to the existing structure;
o preserves the appearance of your exterior walls and reduces maintenance costs.

Prefabricated insulated walls installation

o Pre-determined and carefully controlled installation time;
o Increased productivity as a result of experienced fabricators;
o Construction schedule compression: panels can be manufactured while your site is being excavated and are ready for installation as soon as the site is ready;
o Reduced onsite scaffolding and debris works.

o Lower structural requirements than precast due to lightweight panels;
o Reduced jobsite manpower needed for exterior wall installation;
o Jobsite scaffolding unnecessary for exterior wall installation.

Skylights installation

Skylights provide the pleasing quality of natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting even on dull days. Installation process strictly comply with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. A strong focus from our installation team is paid to the skylight watertightness.